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Jody Ledgerwood

Jody Ledgerwood

Pre-Covid, Jody was highly active and appreciated in her community as a Small Business Owner, Director on several Volunteer Boards, Soccer Coach, Performing Artist & Crew, Athlete, Fundraiser and most importantly, Mother of three very active Children. She graduated with Honours from both the Legal Assistant Program at Humber College of Applied Arts & Technology and from the Salesperson and Broker Program at the Ontario Real Estate Association College. She has worked in many industries including retail, restaurant, legal, collections, accounting and finally real estate.

The lockdowns in March 2020 changed Jody’s life direction significantly.  Like many others, her family, career and social life was drastically affected by the Government’s Deceitful Narrative. Always one to question WHY and play Devil’s Advocate, Jody began her in-depth research and refused to just sit back and allow things to happen to her family, friends and community around her; instead, she became a ferocious “Momma Bear” and “Freedom Fighter”.

First, researching and sharing information on social media and within social circles.  Second, fighting a legal battle with the real estate industry who tried to censor her Activism activities. Third, putting together “Know Your Rights” legal seminars and downloadable packages to empower the public. Fourth, showing the world how to stand up for themselves in real world circumstances (Childrens Play Dates in the Park, Church Service in the Park, Eaton Centre Video, Serving the Police videos, travelling videos, Anti-Vaxx Karen video). Fifth, collaborating with Freedom Organizations to organize rallies, protests and information events (Vaccine Vigils, CPSO rallies, Media is the Virus Rallies, Shinny Night in Canada – Kids Hockey & other Sporting Events, Truckers Freedom Convoy, Do No Harm Tour, Justice for the Vaccinated Tour). Sixth, joined Cris Vleck in diving deep into researching politics, legislation, court cases, human interest stories, medical information and rabbit hole conspiracies and then delivering those truths on the twice weekly podcast The Fringe Majority (TFMcast.com). 

Jody is famous for saying the following in her various speaking engagements:

“Without free will we have nothing.”

“The four most important words right now are: I DO NOT CONSENT”


“The Power of One”

“Keep Your Hands Off Our Kids”

“We Move As One”