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Tracy Zimmerman’s

Tracy Zimmerman

Tracy is a public relations professional and a passionate advocate. Her passion and determination to advocate for change started at an early age. As a young child, she was raised by her mentally disabled mother in Canada’s most notorious and dangerous affordable housing project known as Regent Park. By the age of nine, Tracy’s executive functioning skills began to outperform her mother’s ability. She assumed all of the household and parenting responsibilities and became the primary caregiver for both her mother and five younger siblings. Unfortunately, by the age of 15, all of her younger siblings had been placed into the foster care system. This separation sparked a determinant fire under her to change her own circumstances so that she could someday care for her younger siblings again. Being the caregiver for her family kept her from attending school regularly. In Grade 9 she was in basic-level courses and missed 76 days of school. A pivotal moment occurred on the last day of Grade 9 when she learned that she had failed English with a 46% but also achieved the highest grade on the final exam. She packed her bags and moved out of Regent Park to live with relatives in Barrie, Ontario. She was determined to start over and focus on her education, with the objective to create a better life for herself and her siblings. By Grade 10, she was a high-achieving student studying at the advanced level and had received an award for perfect attendance. She later graduated from college then later went on to post-graduate studies in Public Relations & Corporate Communications where she earned a President’s Honour Roll designation. She reached her intended goal to provide for her family again. While attending College, her teenage siblings began to move in one by one and have been caring for her mother in her home for the past 12 years. While raising her own three biological children, she decided to use her own personal experiences to help other young girls like her younger self and became a foster parent for teen girls. She fostered children for ten years and adopted her fourth child who was 17 years old at the time. 


Tracy’s determination to help others continues today. She has had two vaccinations. Two of her children have had two vaccines. Her awareness of the adverse reactions has lit that fire under her again to help herself, her children, and everyone else affected and like when she was 15, she will not give up fighting until she has succeeded! She is an actively involved freedom fighter and Executive Director for the Canadian Democratic Defense Association. Her professional background is in public relations, community mental health, and cellular health optimization. She is passionate about biochemistry and natural medicine. 


In April 2022, she was introduced to the Dr. Goodenowe Research Institute where she discovered the incredible work they have been doing to reverse major diseases such as Alzheimer’s, MS, Inflammatory Diseases, Autism, and more. During the course of her engagement with the Dr. Goodenowe Research Institute, she witnessed firsthand the incredible and astonishing reversals of diseases that to the rest of the medical community are considered irreversible and palliative. It was after she experienced her own personal recovery following vaccination and then witnessed over the course of only one month, the miraculous neuromuscular changes in a six-year-old child with a rare and fatal genetic disorder, including the reversal of heart failure that she reached out to the Canadian Democratic Defense Association Awareness to tell them of the amazing work that is being done in an effort to spread awareness amongst the medical community that there is hope to reverse most of the adverse reactions to the covid vaccine – including myocarditis!! 


Tracy is excited to share these stories with all of the attendees at our upcoming United Health Conference. Her objective is to connect health professionals with the Dr. Goodenowe Research Institute to help those who are suffering as well as to offer her support and guidance to individuals who are vaccine injured. Because there is hope not only to reverse adverse reactions but also to prevent adverse reactions from occurring in the future through the identification of cellular health deviations at the biomarker level and cellular health optimization. Disease can only occur when cells become unhealthy. Keep your cells healthy, and disease can be prevented. Return unhealthy cells back to a healthy state, and disease can be reversed.