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Dr Same Dube

Dr Sam Dube

Dr. Sam Dubé, M.D. Ph.D. is a Canadian physician, mathematician, educator, master coach/trainer, and broadcaster working primarily in the health and fitness industry as a consultant specializing in strength training and employing an integrative approach to facilitating optimum athletic performance, health, and wellness. 

In addition to being a retired multi-award-winning university faculty in engineering mathematics and former champion unenhanced (drug-free) strength athlete, Sam has multiple diverse formal media credits.  Most notably, he was the long-time sports analyst of the iconic Canadian Strength Athletes series on TSN, as well as numerous international and world championship strongman competitions spanning over two decades, where he garnered acclaim as one of, if not the best, commentator in the history of the sport. 

Sam was one of the first physicians to speak out and address the unscientific public health narrative by conducting interviews, moderating panels, and networking with some of the most prominent voices in the fight for medical and personal freedom and against the global pandemic of scientism, censorship and fear.  Most notably, his early “Exposed” video panels went viral on alternative media, helping to bring the world’s attention to the persecution by organized medicine of the first Canadian physicians dissenting against the public health response and its “safe and effective” refrain of the injectable products.  Sam’s Rumble Channel, “The Fifth Doctor” (as in the ‘4 out of 5 doctors’ often historically associated with unsubstantiated, financially or politically driven harmful recommendations) continues this work. 

A proponent of complementary and alternative healthcare, exercise as medicine, lifelong learning and self-responsibility, Sam is a strong pro-human advocate and a student of human consciousness and human potential in general.